TRS Fit Process

Don't Pick the Shoe, Let The Shoe Pick You!

The TRS "Don't Pick The Shoe, Let The Shoe Pick You" fit process is complimentary and includes an Electronic Foot Scan and Video Gait Analysis.

When it comes to the “best shoe” for you, it is the one that meets the technical needs of your personal gait cycle, and feels the best on your foot.
At The Running Store, our professional staff will guide you through a free comprehensive gait analysis that includes a static electronic foot scan, a video-taped treadmill gait analysis, and a visual analysis of your running gait on a firm static surface - we’ll watch you run outside for us!

Remember that running or walking is more than just the right shoe. It's about creating the best environment for you to reach your full potential while enjoying stride after stride. Our friendly and professional staff is passionate about running and walking and is eager to provide you with the ultimate customer experience beyond the shoe whether it be apparel fitting and education, insole fittings, or accessories. 


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